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High function meets high standards.
Setting high manufacturing standards is one thing. Meeting them is something else altogether. And helping you create and maintain the solid manufacturing product and process definitions you need is the whole purpose behind Finesse Manufacturing Standards.

Anything but standard performance.
Finesse Manufacturing Standards is structured around what you want to accomplish. You want to maintain product configurations accurately and efficiently? The system's complete Bill of Material (BoM) and process routing capabilities ensures it. Need to safeguard your product and process integrity? That's done with the module's formal configuration management and engineering change controls.

What about maintaining a common database for product structures and process routers, process flow, manufacturing operation sequence, work center definitions, material and labor requirements, process standards and work instructions? Not only does the system do it...it integrates all these aspects so you can move seamlessly from one to another.

The system's flexibility also lets you define material consumption policy in the BoM, so different products can use different methods for the same component.

Remove limitations.
Beyond manufacturing, you can use this module to define product structures for purchasing, assembly and disassembly, repair and rework and maintenance functions with virtually unlimited BoM levels. You can also use it to support multiple operations at any work center and automatically reserve the work center for the anticipated run time of all operations. That's the advantage of deep integration.

And information that used to take time to locate, like configuration history with revisions and complete product data, is now readily available, making it easy to track your final product component requirements. Want to meet a higher standard? Then choose the system that's built to one.

Module Highlights

  • Multi company, plant, warehouse and shift capabilities

  • Multi-project capabilities

  • Engineering and product data management information

  • User-defined information

  • Set virtually unlimited BoM levels for cost roll-up as well as by lot or batch, serial and/or sequence number, phase-in/out date and shrinkage or scrap and obtain summaries

  • Multi-level, phantom, revision and planning/simulation bills

  • Run inquiries including: detail, pinpoint, history/analysis, scroll and summary


  • Job, labor and overhead costing

  • Crew size and efficiency

  • Overhead and work center rates

  • Daily work center capacities

  • Lots, efficiencies and yields

  • Components per operation


  • Standard labor classes

  • Where used

  • Operation sequence

  • Alternate and outside work centers

  • Cost set move

  • Inventory interface

  • Machines and tools

  • Move, set up and run times

  • Copying and replacing

  • Queue time, input and output

  • Decimal quantities

  • Duplicate components


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats

  • Comparison/costing reports


  • Route by lot or batch, serial number and phase-in date

  • Projected cost routings

  • Costed routings

  • Alternate routings/rework

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