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Effective management for assured quality.
Anyone in manufacturing would say that the only way to ensure consistently high quality is to make every product exactly to spec. To do that, you have to be able to effectively manage and monitor your workflow, including operation work sequences, scheduled work centers, material and labor requirements and work instructions.

Easier said than done, right? But Finesse Shop Floor Control is the comprehensive execution system that's up to the task.

Finesse the details.
From raw material through end item assembly, Finesse Shop Floor captures detailed actual data down to the unit level by serial number, providing you with comprehensive "as built" product data.

By using production scheduling, you can create finely tuned schedules for each production work center and manage availability and capacity with an online calendar. Release an order to the production floor and the system helps you monitor and control workflow.

You get a complete, accurate picture. Online information (including operation work instructions, scheduled work centers, labor grades and materials) ensures that workers execute each required process properly. In addition, Finesse's deep integration automatically updates your Projects and Payroll modules with the data collected in Shop Floor. And for accurate resource allocation, the system tracks expected start and completion for every operation in the routing. This is effective management right down to the last detail.

Module Highlights


  • Multi-company, plant, warehouse and shift capabilities

  • Multi project

  • User-defined information

  • Automatically updates job cost, payroll, capacity and project status

  • Problem reporting

  • Handle detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries

  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats


  • Crew size actuals

  • Yield, factor, quantity and percent variances

  • Operation quantity complete and scrapped

  • MFG flow by barcode, lot and batch, order and serial

  • Actual begin and end date and time

  • Earned, allowed and actual hours

  • Yielding and revised yielding


  • Employee and machine hours calculations

  • Work center load profile, capacity and scheduling

  • Operation sequencing, inserting and overlap


  • Collect all employee hours

  • Operation set up and process status

  • Operation lot sizing

  • Operation quantity in QC

  • Backflushing

  • Debug and rework operations


Planning ahead to avoid costly problems.
Amazingly, there are still people who don't think about maintenance until something goes wrong. Yet planning ahead can make or break your performance record.

With the Finesse preventive Maintenance subsystem, you can schedule maintenance and repair for all plant equipment while recording all associated costs. And you can be confident that you have complete control over these critical functions.

Maintain order.
Preventive Maintenance is all about staying on top of things. Make a plan. The subsystem lets you establish your service budget and cover all the bases...personnel, equipment and materials.

Schedule it.
The same flexibility we built into our other Finesse modules shows here with the ability to schedule maintenance and repair services by project, company, department, plant, warehouse, work center, equipment groups or other categories you define. And because Shop Floor is fully integrated with Projects, Master Scheduling and CRP, you'll know ahead of time when a workcenter will be down for maintenance or repair and can plan and schedule work accordingly.

Track it all.
The subsystem automatically records the resources you actually use. Maintenance control has never been easier.

Module Highlights


  • Multi-company, plant and warehouse capabilities

  • Multi-project capability

  • User-defined fields, screens and reports

  • Handle multiple shifts


  • Analyze defects

  • Actual begin and end date and time

  • Quantity and percent variances

  • Actual materials and labor


  • Billing, unbilled and cost status reports

  • Labor, expense and machine cost and billing reports

  • Machine activity reports

  • Maintenance due reports by procedure and machine


  • Schedule equipment and/or equipment groups

  • Schedule by hour, days and units lapsed

  • Schedule personnel, materials, work centers and operations

  • Schedule set-up time and downtime


  • Track serial number, purchase date and warranty status

  • Machine characteristics

  • Record comments

  • Last and/or next service date

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