"Meeting the complex software needs of project-oriented manufacturers with easy-to-use solutions is all we do. And because we spend time everyday with companies like yours, no vendor knows your business better. Which is why, even when you have mixed-mode requirements that call for ETO, MTO, MTS, ATO and BTO manufacturing, our Finesse ERP software has you covered like no one else."

We help you prepare ... even when you don't know what's coming.


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Flexibility and control from start to finish.

The Finesse Projects/Contracts/Jobs module helps you manage every aspect of your project from business development, estimating, engineering and project set-up to procurement, production, shipping, installation, service and warranty.

Using an unlimited work breakdown structure (WBS), you have the flexibility to define each phase, task and sub-task of any project, contract or job. All of your costs, including labor, materials, outside processing, work in process (WIP), overhead and other expenses, are captured at each WBS level for immediate or future analysis. And inventory may be segregated by project, task or manufacturing process.

The Projects Module keeps you in control by managing deliverables, milestones, progress billings, budgets and percent complete, as well as any other user-defined events, according to the terms and conditions of your contracts. Powerful interactive analysis screens detail the exact status of all project activities across your enterprise, so you never have to guess.

Unlike most other systems, which only allow you to choose one cost type for budgeting and cost tracking and then individually import/ export information to get others, Finesse concurrently compiles six different cost types: actual, average, standard, level, FIFO and LIFO. This tremendous flexibility makes it easy for you to get all the information you need. And if you work with the government, Finesse will accommodate the different contract and invoicing types required. In addition, Finesse incorporates both aerospace and defense cost accounting standards (CAS), 10-key element manufacturing and reporting, as well as all government costing and reporting requirements.

The Projects module is so flexible, you can view every aspect of your project at any time and get up-to-the-minute information you need any way you want it from start to finish. As a result, Finesse helps you track variances and stay within your budget. Plus, it lets you add alerts and rules into system and when you do vary, the system will automatically let you know the moment it happens.

Finesse also gives you the ability to do "what if" analysis for single, multiple or all projects ­ before or after they're in-house. So you can project delivery dates for new orders based on current jobs and material lead times, anticipate possible schedule changes, respond to customer changes and control manufacturing better than ever.

Module Highlights

  • Multi-project, multi-company, multi-warehouse and multi-currency capabilities

  • Unlimited phases and tasks for unlimited projects, contracts and jobs

  • Unlimited user-defined fields

  • Classing, grouping and internal codes

  • Automatic and/or manual entries from subsystems


  • Graphical critical path analysis pinpoints potential bottlenecks

  • Cost, expense, revenue, labor and profit analyses

  • Graphic project analysis: Gantt, CPM and Pert

  • Unbilled revenue recognition

  • "What if˛ analysis including available to promise '

  • WIP revenue recognition


  • Budget at any work breakdown structure level

  • Labor, subcontract and expense mark-up

  • Cost of money

  • Overhead

  • Earned value analysis


  • Comprehensive, real-time project status including budget, actual and variance by phase, task and subtask

  • Gives you incredible management control with the ability to view any project, contract or job at any point

  • Desired information can be instantly pinpointed with query capability that takes you from summary to source document on a single screen

  • Drill up, down and across entire system with ease


  • Schedule one or multiple projects

  • Estimated completion

  • Job classes within timeframes and required dates


  • Proposal and milestone tracking

  • Responsible parties at each level

  • Actual completion

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