"Meeting the complex software needs of project-oriented manufacturers with easy-to-use solutions is all we do. And because we spend time everyday with companies like yours, no vendor knows your business better. Which is why, even when you have mixed-mode requirements that call for ETO, MTO, MTS, ATO and BTO manufacturing, our Finesse ERP software has you covered like no one else."

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Accurate...and right on the money.
You can't control your business without controlling your finances. And you can't do that without a comprehensive, fully integrated general ledger program to track, coordinate and report on your revenue.

The powerful Finesse General Ledger module puts you in control and keeps you there. As the hub of your financial system, it delivers all the accuracy and audit features you must have with flexibility and ease you want.

It's about control.
Finesse General Ledger module allows you to define entities (company, cost center, account code, contract, project, etc.) with easy-to-use data entry screens and unlimited levels or consolidations to give you a complete picture of your finances. By supporting multi-currency and multi-company operations as well as eliminations and percentage ownership capabilities, you always know exactly where you stand. And to keep your information secure, the Finesse system eliminates unwanted access and keeps you in control.

It's about ease.

This intuitive module's familiar pop-up windows, online help and power keys ensure high-productivity data entry and retrieval with minimal training so you can start being productive right away.

It's about time.

Finesse doesn't just let you get your information, it gives you the flexibility to choose the best way to access it for what you need to accomplish. Its many built-in reports and screens, application/query generators, report writers, color graphics and interfaces to spreadsheets, word processing and other databases or files allow you to use your information your way. This also saves you huge amounts of time you won't spend setting up reports or re-entering data.

Module Highlights

  • Handle multiple company, plant, warehouse and project ledgers

  • User-definable accounts and data

  • Ability to set unlimited levels

  • Automatic and multi-entity consolidations

  • 50-character alphanumeric account codes

  • Supporting schedules

  • Ability to set access limitations

  • Handle contract dates, definitions, hours and fees


  • Cash flow analysis

  • Batch and date currency conversions

  • Large dollar/unit amounts

  • Maintain inactive and restricted accounts

  • Multiple accounting periods and years

  • Revised, variable and non-dollar accounts

  • Accrual reversal transactions


  • Budget and fixed allocation capabilities

  • Percent and variable percent

  • Weighted allocations


  • Automatic budgeting

  • Budgets from actuals and previous year

  • Job cost

  • Job class budgeting

  • Import/export budgets


  • Diarized entries

  • Journal balancing, entry control, entry masking/batch control

  • Enhanced entity entry

  • Running journal entry totals


  • Drill up, down and across the database

  • Detail, hierarchical, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Entries

  • Intervals

  • Maximums

  • Transactions


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats

  • Easy-to-use report editor

  • Historical, financial and comparison reports

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