"Meeting the complex software needs of project-oriented manufacturers with easy-to-use solutions is all we do. And because we spend time everyday with companies like yours, no vendor knows your business better. Which is why, even when you have mixed-mode requirements that call for ETO, MTO, MTS, ATO and BTO manufacturing, our Finesse ERP software has you covered like no one else."

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A faster and better way to get products to market.

The Finesse Engineering Module gives you an ideal way to organize, access and control the data related to your company's products and help you manage their lifecycles. Not only can your product team make design and process changes early in the development cycle, when they are far less costly, but you can bring new products to market faster and with higher quality as a result of being better informed for decision-making. And Finesse manpower requirements planning enables you to optimize your engineering resources using our management, control and budgeting tools. What's more, you can view planned and actual engineering resource demands at any time so you can deliver customer orders accurately and on time.

With the Engineering Module you can easily track product design, engineering and revision data. Just as important, the module's integration with other Finesse software ensures a Product Data Management (PDM) system that unites engineering, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, product support, customers and suppliers in a single integrated database.

When engineering changes are made and have to be approved, Finesse will electronically route ECO/ECN to the appropriate approvers for fast sign off so your work keeps moving. After approval, all of the appropriate documents are automatically updated. Finesse also gives you complete document control. Block drawing number assignments, document check-in/check-out, project drawing trees and other features give you tight management over critical engineering documents.

By sharing information, the system can automatically update finished parts and sub-assemblies when changes occur and provide the ability to automatically create new parts and products. The result? Instant access to accurate product definition data anytime you need it.

Module Highlights

  • Allows you to assign engineers and allocate hours required

  • Schedule promised and required release dates

  • Specify quantities "as required"


  • Drawing check in/check out

  • Join drawings to drawing tree

  • Drawing trees by serial number, lot and date

  • Phase drawing trees in/out


  • Record ECO/ECN

  • Record drawings and initial revision

  • Record drawing sheet count


  • Major revisions, sub-revisions

  • Associate revisions with R&D


  • Track proposals

  • Track major configurations and revision dates

  • Track government cage codes

  • Electronic ECO/ECN routing and approval and automatic updating of BoM and part master

  • Associate ECO/ECN w/BoM, Part, Project and W.

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