"Meeting the complex software needs of project-oriented manufacturers with easy-to-use solutions is all we do. And because we spend time everyday with companies like yours, no vendor knows your business better. Which is why, even when you have mixed-mode requirements that call for ETO, MTO, MTS, ATO and BTO manufacturing, our Finesse ERP software has you covered like no one else."

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Simple, Sophisticated.
Combining sophistication and easy functionality, Finesse Accounts Payable simplifies the whole payables process, helping you manage cash as well as reduce debt, shorten approval times and even improve vendor relationships.

Finesse the details...
Finesse Accounts Payable applies its formidable logic to streamlining every detail of A/P. Setting up payments, making accurate distributions to the General Ledger, automatically handling recurring payables and producing checks and disbursement journals are all managed with little or no intervention. Its pay on receipt logic is also fully functional, dramatically reducing the time and effort necessary to satisfy credit obligation. And, because all Finesse modules are fully integrated, you can rely on highly accurate accounting as information flows through your enterprise to be shared and used whenever and wherever it's needed.

...and the big picture.
Important as details are, the only way to really assess overall performance is to view the big picture. Finesse simplifies this critical capability. With a few keystrokes, you can analyze vendor history, provide accurate and detailed aging of all open items, track and automatically take advantage of prompt payment discounts and forecast future cash requirements by time period.

The module also streamlines many functions that can otherwise slow down your entire process. It provides timely and accurate reporting. Electronic signature and authorization capabilities. Vendor approval and certifications. And contract control features. All so you maintain efficiency and productivity while ensuring maximum control.

Module Highlights


  • Multi-project capabilities
  • User-definable data
  • Company, contract, batch and account code control
  • Ability to set multiple periods
  • Automatic account codes
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Check selection, printing and reprinting
  • Manual checks


  • Purchase accounts and amounts
  • Purchase entities
  • Purchase order interface
  • Purchase parts and quantities
  • Purchase order lines and receipts


  • Detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries
  • Vendor/vendor address queries


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • Edit and check edit reporting
  • Aging and history reports


  • Discount rates and dates
  • Discount and non-discount amounts
  • Job costing
  • Pay dates and terms
  • On-hold and on-hold maintenance
  • Disputed invoices
  • Disbursement amount control
  • Voucher auditing, audit trail and image
  • Auto voucher numbers and running voucher entry totals
  • Balance invoice amount


  • Vendor approvals, ratings, certifications and performance tracking
  • Inactive vendors
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