"Meeting the complex software needs of project-oriented manufacturers with easy-to-use solutions is all we do. And because we spend time everyday with companies like yours, no vendor knows your business better. Which is why, even when you have mixed-mode requirements that call for ETO, MTO, MTS, ATO and BTO manufacturing, our Finesse ERP software has you covered like no one else."

We help you prepare ... even when you don't know what's coming.


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  Our exclusive focus gives you the control to meet
your tightest deadlines and standards.

Because we focus only on developing and implementing ERP systems for project-oriented manufacturers who produce capital equipment and highly-engineered products, we know exactly what you need down to the last feature. That's why our Projects/Contracts/Jobs and Engineering software modules provide capabilities so comprehensive, they leave nothing to chance.

The same can be said of the entire Finesse system. Unlike others, Finesse centralizes all your information in a single repository where it can be used, shared and updated throughout your enterprise. With this tight control and simplified management, you can easily direct your entire project lifecycle. From business development, engineering procurement and production to shipping, installation and service/warranty, you'll always know precisely where you stand , and be able to plan ahead and make changes as needed

Our intimate understanding of our customers' businesses also means that we are generally able to initiate live production of the Finesse system in just 60 days. So once you choose Finesse, you can start benefiting from that decision fast.

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A profitability picture no one else can match. If there's one thing you have to know about your business it is how much profit you realize from each job. Finesse provides that with a true profitability picture that takes into account every single aspect of each task involved in every project.

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Manage it all. Using its intelligent Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to define every project phase, task and sub-task, Finesse ensures no factor is overlooked. And, rather than scheduling only materials and capacity, the Projects module lets you schedule human resources as well - so you can see planned and firm demand for all active and anticipated projects and all of the resources needed to complete them.

Finesse also offers powerful business rules and alerts to help you manage your business proactively by informing you the moment an out-of-range condition occurs. Enter rules and alerts once and they are applied globally to all applicable modules.

For accuracy and ease, the module also manages every aspect covered in the terms of your contracts including milestones, deliverables, progress billings, budgets, variance, percent complete and any other user-defined parameters you set. You won't miss a thing.

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Simplify it all. If you've been hoping for a way to simplify the challenges of concurrent engineering, you found it. Powerful scheduling capabilities are built right into the Project module. And if production can't wait for a complete Bill of Materials (BoM) covering the whole job, no problem. The system's built-in partial-release methodology also lets you schedule material, capacity and manpower so you can keep things moving. This is a huge plus, especially in cases of long lead-time items or potential engineering and work center bottlenecks.

But what about scheduling resources for several projects at once? In contrast to other systems, Finesse does that and provides a comprehensive view of the demands for all your projects. It even includes an impact analysis of all your change orders. That's control.

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See it all. Beyond that, the Finesse Projects module spots potential trouble areas before they ever get to be a problem. Its graphical critical path screens will identify these possible bottlenecks so you can address them ahead of time. And to help you achieve your profit targets, Finesse has an incredible drill down analysis system that details every aspect of your project and pinpoints variances as they occur.

The Projects/Contract/Jobs difference:
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  • Provides a true profitability picture of all projects in combination or individually
  • Ensures no activity or cost is overlooked or uncollected
  • Schedules materials, capacity and human resources
  • Manages every aspect of your contracts so you can deliver on your commitments
  • Reduces potential for engineering and work center bottlenecks
  • Gives you a complete view of all planned and firm demands
  • Pinpoints possible conflict areas
  • Identifies and notifies you of variances as they happen
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Efficient, streamlined integration with all departments. No matter what you design and produce, you still have to contain your costs, reduce your lead times and deliver a product that meets customer specs. Which means that your product configuration and engineering change management system has got to be efficient, streamlined and in sync with every other department.

Of course, with most systems, that's easier said than done. But with our Finesse Engineering module, it's easily done. Period.

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The power of a combined database.

The Finesse product data management (PDM) system brings engineering, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, product support, customers and suppliers together in one incredibly powerful integrated database. Engineering data, as well as information from other Finesse modules, is shared throughout your enterprise, keeping everyone informed and up-to-date. When information is entered once instead of repeatedly, you save time and ensure accuracy.

Within the Engineering module, you can organize, access and control all of your product data to manage project lifecycles. This makes it much easier for your development team to make design and process changes earlier in the cycle saving you both time and money. Because Engineering is fully integrated with BoM and Inventory, you can automatically update finished parts and sub-assemblies when changes occur. You can quickly access your product definition data at any time. And with concurrent engineering, your team can start on the design process and, release parts as they're ready while still working on others.

Finesse also incorporates workflow right into the Engineering module. Electronic ECO/ECN process signoff is a paperless process that increases awareness and speeds up approvals. We can even include the customer in the routing hierarchy as required.

All of this works to bring your products to market faster and with higher quality...an extremely important benefit in today's competitive markets.

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The Engineering difference:
  • Integrates with all departments and modules for efficient, streamlined workflow throughout the company
  • electronically route ECO/ECN documents to the appropriate approval authority for fast sign-off so your work keeps moving
  • updates finished parts, sub-assemblies, purchasing, projects and order entry when changes occur
  • allows you to bring products to market faster while reducing scrap and rework
  • shares mission-critical data across your enterprise so everyone is synchronized
  • establishes a central repository for all product information
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